Commission and Payments

- How often do you pay Affiliates?

- What is the difference between a "Pending" and "Completed" commission?

- Can I use my commission towards Enterbay Purchases?

- Which Products are eligible for Affiliate Referrals?


General Information Regarding our Affiliate Program

Does it cost anything to be an Affiliate?

Nope! Being an ENTERBAY Collectibles Affiliate is 100% free of cost to you. We also offer a free Product Data feed to Affiliates.


Do you pay Affiliates for referred clicks or leads?

No. At present, we only pay commission for referred, completed sales.


Can I join your program if I live outside the U.S.?

Most definitely! A large number of our current Affiliates are from outside the U.S. Please note that we pay our affiliates in US Dollars only.


Does my website meet your requirements?

In order for your website to be eligible, it must accord to the following:

- Be content-based and not just a list or referrer of links.

- Receive a minimum of 3,000 unique page views a month.

- Be an active website.

Your website must NOT:

- Promote sexually explicit materials.

- Promote violence.

- Promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.

- Promote illegal substances or activities.

- Violate personal rights, intellectual property rights, or copyrights.

**NOTE: If your website is under construction, we will be happy to approve your application after viewing some of your test pages and speaking to you about your goals. Just drop us a line at: CS@ENTERBAY.COM


I do not have a website, can I still join your Affiliate Program?

Please contact our Affiliate Manager. We are more than happy to discuss your ideas for using our Affiliate links:  CS@ENTERBAY.COM


My website is non-profit. Can I join the  your Affiliate Program?

Sure you can! If an Affiliate website is non-profit, any commission accrued can be used toward your website expenses, or other related purposes. We can also make arrangements for your Affiliate payments to be sent to an organization of your choosing, as long as the organization does not:

- Promote sexually explicit materials.

- Promote violence.

- Promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.

- Promote illegal substances or activities.

- Violate personal rights, intellectual property rights, or copyrights.

*If you would like your payments to be sent to another organization, we will need their Tax ID number in advance of the first payment.


How much money can I earn?

Some of our Affiliates make thousands of dollars each month! Our best Affiliates have high traffic sites with a targeted audience, but even small sites can earn enough cash to cover website costs. The more active you are in the program, the more commission you can earn. We're willing to work with each Affiliate to maximize the potential of our program on your site.

How can I get Support from your Affiliate Team?

First, we offer our Affiliates an online Help Menu, FAQs and a "Getting Started" guide. We also love talking to our Affiliates, and we're available via email, which is usually the easiest and most expedient way to get a response. Please use the following contact information for your support needs.



Signing Up

How do I sign up?

Potential Affiliates may sign up for our program by visiting the following URL and filling out an applicaton: http://enterbay.com/en/content/6-affiliates

Additional program information and a link to our Operating Agreement can also be found on this page as well.


I do not live in the U.S. What do I need to know before applying?

International applicants may apply for our program, and do not need to provide a Social Security number or Tax ID number. We pay all Affiliates in U.S. dollars via check, or International Affiliates may choose to receive payment via PayPal.


How long does it take to be accepted or declined?

We review new applications each weekday. If your application is approved, you will receive an approval email no more than 48 hours after your application submission, unless you submit on Friday evening (PST). If your application is rejected, you will receive a rejection email within the same time frame. If your website is under construction, or if we have questions before approving your application, we will be in touch within 48 hours after your application is submitted. We will not keep applications pending for longer than two weeks. PLEASE BE CERTAIN TO USE AN ACTIVE EMAIL ADDRESS ON YOUR APPLICATION, and it will help to add our email address to your Address Book: CS@ENTERBAY.COM


How do your qualify your applicants in order to prevent fraud in your program?

Although it is impossible to guarantee a 100% fraud-free system, we pride ourselves in making every effort to maintain a clean program. Among other things, our application requires accurate personal contact information for each applicant. We verify applications using WHOIS and other online resources before approving any application. In addition, our software includes tools to spot suspicious behaviour by Affiliates. The ENTERBAY Affiliate Team is dedicated to running a fair program for all of our members.


I have multiple websites. Do I need to fill out an application for each site?

If you need separate tax records for your sites, it is best to fill out separate applications for each of your websites. If tax records are not a concern for you, you may list up to three websites on one application. We prefer that you list the websites that will be most active in our program if you have more than three URLs to provide. You do not need to fill out another application if you have more than three URLs to list, but we appreciate a courtesy email to inform us of the other websites where our banners and links will be posted.


Where would I log into my account?

Once you have been approved for our program, you can log in to your Affiliate account here: http://enterbay.com/en/content/6-affiliates

Just log in with your Username and your pre-selected Password. You will find convenient links to this page in the left menu and footer of our main website, www.enterbay.com


Commission and Payments

How often do you pay Affiliates?

We calculate all affiliate payments at the end of each month (or payment period), and send payments up to 31 days after the close of each payment period. If your earned commission is less than $50 at the close of any payment period, we will hold payment until your total amount due is at least $50. You also have the option of changing your Payment Threshold within your Account Details. You may select to raise your threshold if you'd like to receive larger payments Some International affiliates may prefer this to save on Bank Fees. International Affiliates may also opt to receive payments via PayPal.


What is the difference between a "Pending" and "Completed" commission?

A "Pending" commission is a commission that has not been paid to you yet, because your referred sale has not been shipped. A "Completed" commission is a commission that is ready to be, or has been paid, because the referred sale has been shipped from our warehouses. We will only pay commission when each item has been shipped. Sideshow's Shipping Policy states that we will ship products from the same order at separate times if the products are not in stock at the same time. Please read our section on "Pre-Orders" for more information regarding Pending commission.


Can I use my commission towards Sideshow Purchases?

We do not accept commission as credit towards our merchandise at this time.


Which Products are eligible for Affiliate Referrals?

Nearly all of our inventory is eligible for Affiliate Referred Sales. As a rule of thumb, if you can't find the item in our Affiliate Program, it does not offer a commission. Please take note of the following exceptions:

- 0% Commission for ENTERBAY Apparel

- 0% Commission on Sales in which an ENTERBAY Gift Card was redeemed

- 0% Commission on Sales in which a Coupon Code with a value of greater than $15.00 was used

- $100.00 Flat Commission Fee for all items priced $1000.0 and higher

- 0% Commission for all products which the brands other than ENTERBAY.

- 5% Commission of the Discounted Price for any sale in which ENTERBAY products after the price of Rewards Points are redeemed.


Tracking Clicks and Sales

How do you track my Affiliate activity?

Our Affiliate Software generates both JavaScript & HTML code for Product and Banner links to www.enterbay.com. You, the affiliate, can select which type of code to use. Each time an end user clicks on your links, the unique code places a cookie in their browser. This cookie is recognized by our system, and signals our Affiliate software to credit your account for any clicks or purchases a customer makes for up to 90 days, even if the customer visits our site directly at a later date.


What is a Unique Click?

Our Affiliate software tracks your website traffic to www.enterbay.com, and can distinguish between visitors who click on your Sideshow links once, and those who click on your links more than once. Clicks are tracked according to their unique IP addresses, like online fingerprints, and Unique Clicks are counted only once, no matter how many times that particular user clicks on your links. ENTERBAY's Affiliate software tracks 'clicks' in most areas of our reporting. We track 'unique clicks' when calculating EPC (Earned per Click) averages.


What is Cookie Retention?

Cookie Retention refers to the amount of time our unique Affiliate cookie will remain in an end user's web browser. ENTERBAY's Affiliate cookies are designed to remain in a browser for 90 days. Any time within the 90 days that your referred customer returns to shop at www.enterbay.com, you will receive commission on all eligible purchases he/she makes. We offer the 90-day cookie retention as an incentive for our Affiliate to join the program and earn commission! Please note that your cookie can be removed from an end user's browser via the following circumstances:


Manual deletion

The end user clicks on another ENTERBAY Affiliate link

The end user has implemented browser settings or add-ons that prevent 3rd party tracking


How will I know if I referred any sales?

Your account, by default, will send an email notification every time you refer a sale. You can also keep track of your sales by using our Affiliate Statistics reports, available once you have logged into your account. You can choose to update your Sale Notification email settings once you have an active account.

If someone clicks on my link to a particular page, then makes a purhcase from another page, do I still get credit for the sale?

Yes, you will get credit for referring any qualifying sale at WWW.ENTERBAY.COM, regardless of which affiliate link was used.



Your stuff is cool. Can I use it for Web Promotions?

If you are an actively earning Affiliate, we are happy to support you by offering promotional items for a giveaway or review on your website. Your web promotions should be designed to increase your website's traffic and referred sales. Send us a request, and we will put our heads together to come up with some creative ideas.


Tell me more about the typical ENTERBAY Customer/Sale?

ENTERBAY takes great pride in the supportive community we have built around our products and company. We enjoy a dedicated customer base, and many customers purchase several collectibles each year. Our products are high-end collectible items, and our average sale value is just over $200.00. Please refer to our Operating Agreement for complete details regarding our Commission Structure.


Can I buy products through my own links?

If you are an active affiliate referring sales from a variety of customers, you may purchase our products through your own affiliate links. You may not use our affiliate links for the sole purpose of purchasing your own collectibles. You may not purchase products through your own links for resale or commercial use of any kind. At our sole discretion, ENTERBAY INTERNATIONAL LTD will determine if an affiliate is abusing this agreement, and reserves the right to charge back and/or disallow any and all commission to the affiliate. Additionally, this activity may result in the termination of this agreement.


Can I use product images from your site to promote your company?

We provide our Affiliates with a wide selection of product-specific banners, in many different sizes. We also provide you with the option to build text links to our webpages. If you feel that these do not suit your needs, you may choose to download branded product images directly from the ENTERBAY website. Most of our product pages offer a JPG gallery, and this is where you will find our branded images.


Can I become a wholesale client?

To become a Wholesale Client you must own a brick and mortar store. If you are interested in our Wholesale program, please send email to: CS@ENTERBAY.COM