Storm Collectibles 1/6 Muhammad Ali - The Greatest

$1,699.00 $1,999.00

Muhammad Ali was not only a monumental athlete, a revolutionary fighter, but also a humanitarian and the people’s champ - the legend of Muhammad Ali goes far beyond the boxing ring. He inspires millions. He gives people courage. He makes fighters of us all. This is Ali, the legend, the goal, the greatest of all time and there will never be another.

The first official 1/6 scale Muhammad Ali™ collectible figure with the full likeness of Ali, an exclusive Ali’s body-figure design, fully articulated, and our collaboration with Everlast on the boxing gear.


  • Head sculpt (standard look) 
  • Alternate head sculpt (aggressive look)
  • Exclusive Ali’s body-figure design with new material seamless body
  • Everlast Boxing Trunks
  • Everlast Boxing Gloves
  • Boxing Boots
  • Muhammad Ali™ Warm-up Robe
  • Training Sandbag

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