1/4 Bruce Lee Action Figure



Product Code: HD-1008

Scale: 1:4

Height: Around 18 Inches


Features :

-Two (2) pieces of wax configuration features an incredible likeness Bruce Lee head sculptures, accuracy body proportion and painting

-One head is just with normal expression and the other one has grouchy expression

-Applied the latest realistic skin technology to present incredible likeness skin texture of the figure

-A newly developed HD-8 ABS and PVC action body with more than 30 points of articulation

-Classic Kung Fu costume including the grey Kung Fu Chinese suit, a white vest, a pair of black socks and black Kung Fu shoes

Standard Bruce Lee Kung Fu accessories include:

-One (1) wooden bastinade

-Two (2) pieces of wooden darts

-Two (2) pairs of black wooden nun chucks

-Five (5) pairs of interchangeable hands

-An exclusive Bruce Lee figurine stand